Ellipse 7 copy 2


must demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers and for those in authority. In turn students are

treated with respect and dignity. Responsibilities demonstrated by students are:

● Comes to school regularly, on time and ready to learn.

● Is prepared for all classes by bringing required material and completing homework assignments on

time and to the best of their ability.

● Takes responsibility for completing any work missed in classes due to absence.

● Develops their self-regulation skills and demonstrates courtesy through their language and actions

toward all members of the school community.

● Shows respect for school property and the personal belongings of others.

● Resolves interpersonal conflicts and difficulties through discussions with the other person or through

seeking assistance from staff members.

● Refrains from bringing anything to school that may compromise the safety of others (e.g., alcohol,

illegal drugs, weapons, chemicals, objects which may be used as weapons).

● Follows the established rules and takes responsibility for his or her own actions.

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